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from Works & Conversations magazine, Summer, 2013

Doris Mitsch
Poetry Found in the Cloud

Doris Mitsch is a poet and photographer. Here are three of her photos and also a selection of some of her poetry.

Poetry isn't so easy. Art isn't so easy—that is, getting it right, ending up with something that lifts one into another place, a place that one keeps forgetting about. Perhaps it's the way these poems were made that gives them a special grace. The words were not written by the poet herself. Each poem here was put together via a process of selection from an Internet search. Of course the choices are all made by the poet, but I wonder if there isn't something else here, the kind of magic that can come only from getting outside of oneself. These pieces have that originality, a taste of freedom that's always new. Here are six poems chosen from I'm Searching For Something So Undefined, a little volume of twenty-one of these recently published poems.

- Richard Whittaker





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