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Locked Down Looking Up
is a series of images made over time from a fixed point—outside my front door—during the San Francisco Bay Area’s lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19. Multiple shots were combined to show the flight trails of birds, insects, and bats. While most everything in my life has come to a standstill, up in the air, there is still a lot going on. (Click any image for a closer look.)



flight path of hawk circling on thermals

Lockdown Bueto (Signature)


Lockdown Vultures (Meeting)

Lockdown Crows (Evening Commute)


Lockdown Buteo (Spiral)


Lockdown Bats (Pas de Deux)


Lockdown Swallows


Lockdown Crow (Wildfire Smoke)


Lockdown Dragonflies


Lockdown Crows (One Tree)


Lockdown Crows (Winter Solstice)













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