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The chrysanthemum is another flower that possesses the special magic of being able to look like it's moving in a still photograph. I've been told that some people find these images menacing, others have used the word meditative. Or... appetizing? The first one, below, was nicknamed "Bananas" at the first gallery I showed it at, because people kept asking about "the one that looks like bananas."

golden chrysanthemum

Darkness D

pale yellow chrysanthemum

Dendra D2

golden chrysanthemum

Dendra D5

white chrysanthemums tumbling


pale yellow chrysanthemum

Dendra C3

yellow chrysanthemum petals

Dendra E

golden chrysanthemum

Darkness B

golden chrysanthemum

Darkness C

white chrysanthemums tumbling - special commission at 300 inches wide

Tumbling variation (3 images commissioned at 60 in. x 300 in. each)

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