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This is what I do to get back into the third dimension after hours of digital work. These are hand made, with the imprecisions that entails, and one-of-a-kind. Click for details and prices. Send me an email if you'd like one.

1. White and Gold Trinket Bowl

2. Blue-brown Moon Vase

3. Black, White, and Blue Moon Jar with Flower-frog Lid

4. Black, Blue, and Gold Bowl

5. Small Crackle Vase

6. Small Crackle Vase with Flower-frog Lid

7. Small Black and White Lidded Bowl

8. Small Black and White Pouch Bowl With Gold and Chrome

9. Small White Lidded Bowl With Gold Stripe

10. Very Tiny Red-Brown Vase

11. White Oval Bowl With Gold Brush Stroke

12. White and Blue Pouch Bowl


















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